Full length articles & electronic book

Full length articles will be peer-reviewed before being published in the book of articles.

The book of articles will be in electronic format. The Book of Articles will be edited after the Symposium and will be delivered to the authors via email or published at the webpage.

Please prepare the full length article file in MS Word. The name of the file should be as follows:

Article-Code-Last_name-First_name_initial.doc. For example: Abstract-05-Skywalker-L.doc (or docx)

The “code” corresponds to the number found in the subject to which your abstract belongs to. This facilitates abstract identification.

If you are submitting more than one abstract, please add a correlative Arabic number (1, 2, etc.) after the first name initial of the author in the file name. For instance, two abstracts from the same author should be named as follows: Article-05-Skywalker-L-A1.doc and Article-05-SkyWalker-L-A2.doc.

Full length articles must be submitted to 5isebe@unsam.edu.ar with the following text in the email subject for abstract identification: Article-Code-Last_name-First_name_initial (same as the article file name).

Please check the Sample Article template for further details.

Presentation preference: At the time of submitting your Article, please state your preference for presenting the paper, oral (platform), poster or no preference, in the e-mail.

Languages: The official languages of the symposium are English and Spanish. If English is not your native language, ask for a review by a native English speaker for correct English syntax, style, and spelling, before sending the Article (all grammatical errors will be responsibility of the authors).

Receipt of your article will be acknowledged by e-mail within five working days.

Review: Abstracts received by the June 10th, 2016 deadline will be reviewed for technical merit and relevance. When assigning accepted articles to program slots, the Evaluation Committee will consider the authors’ suggestions as to the Topic session and presentation preference (oral or poster), but the final decision on placement will be based on best overall design of the Symposium program.

Committee’s decision on each article will be e-mailed to the Corresponding Author. If the Article is accepted, this letter will state the oral or poster session to which the abstract has been assigned, and will provide information on preparing the presentation.

Please notice that it is possible to submit up to two articles/abstracts by each registered author.