The symposium will be held at the Campus of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), Campus Miguelete in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the next link you can access to the official webpage of the University. You can change the webpage language to English in the right and up corner.


You can access a map of the location of the Campus on the following link. For information about how to get to the Campus look at accommodation.


In the following link you can access a map of the campus. Plenary Lectures will be at “Auditorio Tanque”. Parallel Sessions will be at “Edificio Tornavías”.


In the following link you can access to a virtual tour of the Campus.



Somos/We are #UNSAM


For English subtitles: Click on settings (down and right corner of the video, gear symbol). Click on subtitles. Click on Spanish. Click on subtitles again. Click on Auto-translate. Select your preference language